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AIDS Healthcare Foundation Pharmacist - SST in Houston, Texas


Does the idea of doing something that really makes a difference in people’s lives while being well-compensated intrigue you? Are you looking to work for an organization that encourages growth and success from each and every one of its employees?

If so, AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the place for you!

Founded in 1987, AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the largest specialized provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the nation. Our mission is to provide cutting edge medicine and advocacy, regardless of ability to pay. Through our healthcare centers, pharmacies, health plan, research and other activities, AHF provides access to the latest HIV treatments for all who need them.

AHF’s core values are:

• Patient-Centered

• Value Employees

• Respect for Diversity

• Nimble

• Fight for What’s Right

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The PHARMACIST-STRATEGIC SUPPORT TEAM is an elite team of pharmacist and pharmacy technicians that are carefully selected to help AHF fulfill our primary public health mission of linking patients into care and retaining those patients in care for the benefit of the patients and society as a whole.

Collaborative contributions by the PHARMACIST- STRATEGIC SUPPORT TEAM is essential to our success including working with various departments within Pharmacy as well as other divisions of AHF, our patients and partners. The skills discussed below are representative of the knowledge, experience and abilities that lead to our success together.

Radical Cooperation between AHF Pharmacy, the AHF Department of Medicine, AHF Department of Public Health, AHF Managed Care group and the other business lines and departments within AHF, is a contribution that is essential in AHF maintaining a “Center of Excellence” healthcare system for our patients.

The PHARMACIST- STRATEGIC SUPPORT TEAM member contributes to AHF’s mission by presenting a friendly smile, a helpful voice and a helpful attitude, to patients, clients and customers seeking services, information, requesting to transfer their prescriptions to AHF, filing grievances or complaints.

Within their duties of handling incoming calls, meeting and greeting patients in the Pharmacy they are problem solvers, providing a “helping hand” and provide a calming influence to patients that seem to be upset or in a stressful situation.

The Strategic Support Team Pharmacist is coded as an FT-10, however may work some shifts that are eight (8) hours and some shifts that are ten (10) hour shifts.

The PHARMACIST -STRATEGIC SUPPORT TEAM can enhance the experience of other AHF Pharmacy employees by being friendly and helpful and by offering to give them a helping hand when they need it. In addition, giving feedback to their manager about how service could be improved, will allow the team member to enhance their contribution.

The PHARMACIST- STRATEGIC SUPPORT TEAM adds consistent value to the AHF Pharmacy Team by adapting to various situations with ease and by being flexible.

Skills That Contribute to Our Success

The Team Members of this AHF Pharmacy unit, have a high level of clinical skills and knowledge in caring for our patients that helps our patients live a sustainable quality of life, be productive in society and improved health, which contributes to the success of AHF and our mission, in addition this contributes to society in general.

The Team member will be assigned to various locations, including out of the city in which they reside, and may include out of state for a period of up to two (2) weeks at any given time. Pharmacist in this position will be required to obtain (at AHF Pharmacy expense) up to a minimum of three (3) different state Pharmacist Licensures within twelve (12) months of the date of hire, in states where AHF Pharmacy operates “brick and mortar” pharmacies.

In addition to filling various schedules in AHF Pharmacies, and other pharmacy units, the Pharmacist- Strategic Support Team participates in training Pharmacy staff. From time to time, training AHF Healthcare Center staff and other team members within AHF, when appropriate.

The Pharmacist- Strategic Support Team member must become proficient in the AHF Pharmacy’s, Pharmacy Management System (PMS), in the AHF Department of Medicine’s Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) and all additional electronic and non-electronic systems utilized by AHF Pharmacy and the AHF Department of Medicine.

The Team members of this unit must develop a working knowledge of the AHF Pharmacy Central Support Services (CSS), including the Central Refill Center (CRC) operations, the Central Billing Center (CBC) and all additional central support systems utilized by AHF Pharmacy.

The Pharmacist- Strategic Support Team members participate in developing and implementing various community-based programs with the AHF marketing and sales teams, the AHF Pharmacies and may include the Department of Medicine, Public Health, and Managed Care, as well as additional programs within the AHF domestic Bureaus.

“Cutting edge medicine and advocacy regardless of the ability to pay” has led to the development within AHF of a robust advocacy department. The Pharmacy Strategic Support Team members participate in various advocacy initiatives that may include letter writing campaigns, protest demonstrations, appearing before legislative groups, advocacy groups and other miscellaneous advocacy activities.

AHF Pharmacy, in addition to pharmacies, operates in some areas, Access Centers. Access Centers are designed to provide pharmacy services to start-up or small AHF Healthcare Centers that do not have enough census or there may be lease restrictions that prevent a full-time pharmacy operation. The Strategic Support Team members provide the staffing of the access center and may be a technician, a pharmacist or both, depending on the situation.

The AHF Department of Medicine operates several “satellite” clinics, that are typically open a limited number of hours or days of the week. The Strategic Support Team provides pharmacy staffing for these satellite clinics with the focus on “linking” the patients for AHF Pharmacy services, providing immunizations, and additional support services for the patients and staff of the clinic.

The essence of your Strategic Support contributions to our mission is to proactively develop relationships, help solve problems and anticipate the needs of patients and AHF staff, which includes all AHF departments related to receiving and/or providing services from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Pharmacists performing as a supervisor in the absence of the Pharmacist In-Charge/Manager, is essential in maintaining a consistent level of service expected by our patients and the success of the operation of the pharmacy.

Assisting AHF in providing “gold standard” customer service, gaining certification when appropriate, based on contracts, grants, Memorandum of Understanding agreements, or any other Ryan White or Accreditation Standards, related to training, contributes to the growth of AHF. In addition, enrollment of new patients into service, and the retention of patients in care, as well as being aware of competitor’s, their services, and effectiveness in the marketplace are contributions that are at the core of our success.

A Pharmacy Strategic Support Team member should contribute to the success of patients and clients and improvement of their quality of life by participating in various programs and services that enhance our patients’ adherence to therapy and treatment, communication with providers, and referral sources.

The Strategic Support Team position provides valuable contributions to all locations by helping to bring “Best Thinking” ideas from one location to another, as well as providing consistent application of process, procedures and policy throughout the organization.

Collaboration with colleagues and team members provides excellent opportunities to make contributions to the success of AHF by sharing ideas, learning from others, training and networking. Attending various internal and external meetings that may be assigned, conferences, training, AHF and community events are all ways you can grow and provide value-added contributions to AHF.

This is not a remote position*

We at AIDS Healthcare Foundation believe that each individual is entitled to equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, age, veteran status or disability. The right of equal employment opportunity extends to recruiting, hiring selection, transfer, promotion, training and all other conditions of employment.

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